Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Program in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Hormone Action

Prospective Trainees

Appointment Terms

The NUPEDHA supports two (2) pre-doctoral trainees and three (3) postdoctoral trainees for each year of grant funding.  Pre-doctoral trainees may receive up to three (3) years of support, and postdoctoral trainees may receive two (2) years of training.  [Note: In exceptional circumstances, a postdoctoral trainee may re-apply for third year of support so long as they meet eligibility requirements.]

For each year of appointment, NUPEDHA trainees receive the following:

Postdoctoral Trainee Payback Obligation

After acceptance into the program and selection of a mentor, postdoctoral trainees are expected to perform two years of intensive research.   As NRSA-supported trainees, NUPEDHA postdoctoral fellows incur a payback obligation during their first year of support, with the second year of training “paying back” the first year.  For more information about payback agreements, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.  Pre-doctoral trainees do NOT incur a payback obligation.